Coaching And Workshops

All coaching is, is taking a player where he can’t take himself.” — Bill McCartney

Personal Speech Coaching



  • Overcoming the Fear – It’s not easy to deliver a message in front of a room of 20 or 200. But whether it’s your classmates or potential clients, Eric can help you get over the fear of speaking.
  • Contest coaching – Eric has won two Toastmasters District championships in Humorous Speech and Evaluation. Eric has also coached many other Toastmasters and non-Toastmasters to their own championships. (He’s even helped coach a world champion!)
  • Listening Effectively – Learn to listen actively and avoid the traps that disempower your employees.
  • Evaluation – Eric can not only help you with the choice of words you use to motivate employees, but how to pinpoint an employees worth and write evaluations that don’t stink.
  • Humor 101 – Humor isn’t easy! Work with Eric to put more humor into your speeches and conversations.

Speaking and Leadership Workshops



This is where Eric can help your team shine! He has led dozens and dozens of workshops on how to speak better, evaluate better, and building leaders.

  • Speaking Up 101 – The nuts and bolts of going from “No Speech” to “I Know Speech!”
  • Public Speaking, Leadership, and Evaluation – Workshops on public speaking, leadership, and evaluation available today.
  • Custom Workshops – Work with Eric to build a workshop specifically designed for your team.
  • Variable Lengths – From 2 hours – 2 days. Whatever fits your event needs.