Popular Keynotes

Listening. The Quiet Way To Lead.

True listening is difficult and takes practice. But with these fresh ways to turn your listening from passive to active, you’ll walk away a better listener.

From Engineer to Manager to Human

Getting that big promotion can be a curse. All the skills that made you a great engineer may doom you to a corner office as a manager. Eric will show how to avoid the pitfalls of being a new manager and how you can take your engineering skills and make them human skills.

Bridging the Generation Gap

“To build a bridge, one must see both sides of the river.”

Eric is a proud father to 3 teenagers. Eric is also the only child of parents in assisted living. Listen as Eric gives a funny and compassionate talk on how to survive life as an unwilling member of the “sandwich generation.”

When Failure is the Only Option

This speech is not for the summa cum laude, the star athlete, or the twenty something millionaire.

It’s a speech for the rest of us. If you have experienced failure, were taught to be a failure, but never want to fail again, then this is for you. Using folksy anecdotes from his own childhood experiences Eric can help you see how all those painful failures can make you a success.

Why Successful People Don’t Feel Successful

There’s a dirty little secret no one tells you when you hit the pinnacle of your career – It’s not enough. Throughout our child and adult lives we are taught by our society that we need to dream big, take risks, do more to achieve more. But all that self-promotion can ultimately leave us with an empty feeling.

There is an anecdote – giving your time. And it’s more complex than you think.