Eric Winger is a noted speaker, technologist, volunteer, listener, and coach.EricWinger-1-twitter

  • With over 8 years public speaking and coaching and 2 public speaking championships, Eric knows how to deliver a message to large audiences. And small.
  • Having given dozens of workshops on feedback, and as the 4-year president of an evaluation specialty Toastmasters club, Eric knows how to teach effective and motivating evaluation.
  • With 25 years software engineering experience in the public and private sector, Eric knows how to solve  problems.
  • With over 800 straight days of giving time and volunteering, Eric knows the power (and traps) of volunteering.

Eric is the lucky husband of a terrific wife Melissa, father of three teenagers (one boy, Zachary and twin girls Tessa & Hayle), and the obedient servant of a toy poodle named Daisy.

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